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If you have any race related questions, concerns, or suggestions, please contact us:


Happy Trails!


15 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Thank you all for putting this on. This was a grueling but beautiful marathon. Thank you each and everyone. Happiest trails to all.

    • There is limited, free camping at the start/finish trailhead. There is also free, dispersed camping off of Baylor Canyon road, approximately 1-2 miles from the start/finish, A Mtn (approximately 4-5 miles from start/finish) and BLM land all around.

  2. Hi! I am running a marathon in all 50 states and I was checking out if this course is certified and could be counted for the 50 states club? Also, I am not familiar with the area. Suggestions as to closest airport? Places to stay? Thank you!

    • The distance is 50k, 31 miles. The event is sanctioned by USATF but it is not a certified course of any type. I can assure you it is an ultra marathon distance though. I don’t know the rules of the 50 states club so I can’t say if it qualifies or not. El Paso, TX is the closest airport. It is about 1 hour from Las Cruces, NM. There are many hotel options in Las Cruces. There is also plenty of public land for free camping near the start.

  3. I just went to the registration site for the Sierra Vista Trail Run scheduled for March 4, 2017. Your website says the cost is $1/kilometer. I was going to sign up for the 30k, but the registration site says the cost is $55 for the 30k, rather than $30. Is this correct?

    • Packet pickup is Friday, March 3rd, at Run Culture on Main St. in downtown Las Cruces. Pickup is from 4-7 pm. You can also pick up packets on race day but arrive early to do so. This information was also sent out in an email to all of the registered runners.

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