Race Manual/Course Info

Please review the Sierra Vista Trail Runs Manual prior to registering and running

2018 SVTR RaceManual

The Trail Map can be seen here:

BLM Sierra Vista Trail Map

Course Description:

The race takes place 99% desert, single track trail! All races will begin at the northern terminus (Sierra Norte trailhead) of the Sierra Vista Trail. This is located off of Dripping Springs Road. All distances are out and back routes and actual mileages are approximate.

The 50k is an out and back from Sierra Norte trailhead to the Vado trailhead


50k (30.6 miles) Elevation Profile

The 30k is out and back from Sierra Norte trailhead to Pena Blanca trailhead

30k  Elevation Profile

30k (18.6 miles) Elevation Profile

The 10k is two out and back sections. The first out and back section is from the Sierra Norte trailhead up the gravel road to Dripping Springs Road. The second section is from the Sierra Norte trailhead to the Talavera/Soledad Canyon RD trailhead.

10k (5.8 miles) Elevation Profile

10k (5.8 miles) Elevation Profile

More trail info can be found from the Bureau of Land Management

Aid Stations:

Stations will be located 2.5-4 miles apart. 1 station for the 10k, 5 for the 30k and 9 for the 50k. See the SVTR manual above for more detailed information.

How to get to the race start:

The Sierra Vista Trail Runs race start will take place at the Sierra Norte trailhead, off of Dripping Springs Road, which is located approximately 8.5 miles east of town from I-25.  To get to the race start from I-25 take the University Ave. EXIT and drive east, you will pass the NM Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum on your left as well as Tortugas Mountain aka “A-Mountain” on your right.  Continue East along University Ave./ Dripping Springs Rd. This  will turn into a gravel road. Continue on the gravel road and turn right at the trailhead sign onto another gravel road. The start/finish is at the end of this road. Please park on the shoulder of Dripping Springs road or in designated parking areas near the start finish. DO NOT park off the roads, in the desert! You will receive a ticket!


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    • It will be at Run Culture in downtown Las Cruces from 4-7pm on Friday March 4. Last minute pickups can be done on Saturday morning before the race starting at 6am. Please show up early if you plan to pick up your packet on Saturday morning.

  1. DO NOT park off the roads, in the desert! You will receive a ticket! Please say exactly what you mean, do you mean parking by the road or going off roading. You already said parking beside the road is ok. So, what do you mean?

    • There will be volunteers on site to assist with parking. Along the paved, Dripping Springs RD and Baylor Canyon RD, you can park on the shoulder adjacent to the road. Along the gravel road you may pull straight in, perpendicular to the road, and back straight out. Do not pull forward further than one car length to park or to turn around. Do not drive over shrubs or cactus. Only park where there is bare ground or grass. You may also park in designated pullouts along the gravel road. This is to minimize the impact to the surrounding desert. Failure to follow these guidelines could jeopardize future events. Thank you.

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